Pauline Shen offers customized gentle training sessions that harmonize the body. 

Pauline uses her holistic experience to help educate clients about the entire health picture, which includes exercise, diet, hydration, and sources of stress. With this approach, clients learn to view the body as an intelligent system of connected and integrated parts.

No more excuses! With an honors degree in psychology, Pauline assists clients in learning about behaviour patterns and recognizing habits that get in the way of reaching optimal health and wellness.  With many years’ experience educating youth and adults in large and small group settings, Pauline is able to work one on one and also offers group training & workshops to get you started.

“Originally, my certification involved instructing cardio kickboxing and other high-impact cardiovascular group fitness classes. Much of my personal research and interactions with class participants had revolved around a high-energy workout approach and follow-up on general fitness questions. However, since taking a much more holistic approach to the way in which I work with my clients and fitness class participants, it became imperative to recognize that an individual’s “fitness” is simply a reflection of that person’s state of health as a whole. Without addressing emotional, psychological and spiritual health, it is impossible to see long-term results from a physical fitness program. Since then, I’ve turned my attention to daily practice using the subtle energy systems through movement methods such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga. Finding a balance is key to the training process, which is essentially a healing process to create lasting life changes.” — Pauline Shen