I had a dream last night that led me to memories from my youth as I awoke. The dream involved the exploration of a scenario that didn’t play out in my lifetime, but intrigued me in the sense that it must have been a leftover piece of something that has not yet been fully cleared and transmuted. I have recently had many discussions with my past-self regarding issues that seemed to have plagued me and from my current perspective were so minute that I should not have needed to concern myself at all. That is to say: I could have done something about it but did not—at the time—have the knowledge and understanding to recognise that I had power over every situation in which I perceived myself a victim of circumstance and forced blame onto others.

The “trick”, as it were, is to break the pattern of blame. Although I’ve placed the word “trick” as a reference to something that really is not as simple as the word denotes—it’s very difficult and leads to a ripple effect that requires persistence and patience. The utmost important concept to grab hold of is that the blame being released and transmuted is reflexive; before it is possible to truly release the blame toward others in the past, it is imperative to work on the forgiveness of self. This clearly is not a one-off kind of treatment. There begs the question: “Where do I even begin?”

One step at a time; one day at a time.

Love and Light,



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