Thinking about Personal Training?

New clients are generally accepted by referral or recommendation from current clients, or fitness class participants. All prospective clients must first read and complete a New Client Application form. The New Client Application form will consist of questions pertaining to personal contact information, current exercise regime, medical history, reasons for seeking personal training and personal interest. Once an application has been reviewed, an initial assessment will be carried out. This assessment will consist of physical measurements pertaining to body composition, heart function, posture, and joint range of motion. The collected information is then reviewed, and an appropriate program is constructed.

What does the program contain?

Personal Training implies that each program is personal—the exercise regime is customized to fit the individual’s needs, goal(s), and applicable time frame. The program design relies on information provided in the New Client Application form as well as the initial assessment. Other factors such as scheduling availability, transportation availability, and access to equipment are taken into consideration. There are, however, some standards and expectations which are upheld for all clients:

  • A client must be available for at least TWO appointments per week.
  • Appointment duration is a minimum of ONE hour, and a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Appointment times are booked at least two weeks in advance, and may be booked several weeks in advance as the client’s schedule permits.
  • Personal Training and consulting appointments generally involve going through the prescribed exercises, but may at times also involve counseling or stress management techniques as necessary for the client’s program success.
  • Participation in group fitness/health education programs does NOT constitute a personal training appointment. In some cases, an individual program design may dictate that group fitness classes, or certain types of exercise, should be avoided for at least a portion of the program.
  • Clients are assigned homework: Homework may involve individual research on a relevant health topic, reading a book or article pertaining to a specific and relevant part of the program, or completing a journal tracking stress, sleep or nutrition habits. Additional resources may be recommended for the client.
  • Clients must book a re-assessment every four to six weeks within the program. This is a separate appointment from the personal training appointments, and generally should take 15-20 minutes. Many clients will choose to add a re-assessment before a regularly-scheduled personal training appointment, where available.

There are also other options that may be included within a client’s program, upon request:

  • For clients who choose to take a more advanced approach to training, a monthly kitchen inspection would also be part of the program. Kitchen inspection appointments may be added on to re-assessments, or at the end of a regular in-home training appointment. Duration of the inspection depends on the client’s individual program design, household living arrangements, and nutrition requirements. Results of the inspection will generally require the client to complete homework based on the inspection score.
  • Advanced clients may also choose to book telephone consultations as follow-up where a job—or other circumstances—may require several days of travel away from home.

Where do appointments take place?

Usually, the client will opt to train in-home. In this case, the client is asked to have an area available in the home that has cleared floor space for movement. Choose an area of the home that can be easily converted for appointments, or kept open for the duration of the program. For optimal results, choose a space that has ample ceiling space, wall space, access to a window or sliding door, and away from sleeping quarters. Some clients may find space to make a permanent spot designated for exercise. Clients with a patio space or yard are encouraged to use this space when weather permits.


The initial assessment will determine the best possible location for each client’s exercise appointments. Some programs may require appointments to take place at a studio, outdoors, or even in a swimming pool. In the case that training is not within the client’s home, the client will meet at an agreed-upon location where training has been preapproved by the property owner (or the City of London).

What about equipment?

Clients are NOT expected to provide equipment for personal training appointments. For those training in-home and already in possession of home gym equipment, the equipment may be used if it is beneficial to the program. The trainer will provide and transport equipment for use during the exercise appointment. Clients may, however, decide to obtain small pieces of equipment for personal use or hygienic reasons. This includes:

  • Excercise Mat
  • Small hand weights (10 lbs or less)
  • Exercise tubing
  • Skipping rope
  • Stretching Strap

When do appointments take place?

Appointments may be booked Monday through Saturday. Note that exercise appointments are between 60 and 90 minutes, and re-assessments are approximately 15-20 minutes. Telephone appointments are restricted to a select few clients who travel on a regular basis or in rare occurrences where long-term travel is required during a program. Clients are strongly encouraged to book as far in advance as possible to guarantee a preferred time block.

Typically, appointments are not made on a statutory holiday (but an exception can be made). There are also two periods within the year where appointments cannot be made:

  • Mid-August, Approximately
    • At this time, Toronto is host to the largest fitness conference of the year. The conference includes continuing education courses, training courses, classes introducing new technology, and guest lectures from known authors in the health industry.
  • 21st December through 3rd January
    • This is an important time to reflect on personal accomplishments, celebrations, and establish new focus for the upcoming year. It is also a time for family visits, religious observation, and spiritual healing. There is the least amount of sunlight at this time.

How does payment work?

Clients are billed at the beginning of the month for a block of 10 training sessions. Payment must be received 24 hours before the first exercise appointment. Payment options are cash, credit (PayPal), or electronic money transfer. A client’s account is then debited for each session used. The client will be notified when there are 2 sessions remaining on the pre-paid account. Types of sessions offered include:

  • Exercise appointment 60 minutes
  • Exercise appointment 90 minutes
  • Private Yoga instruction 90 minutes NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Additional services are billed at the time of use. Options include:

  • Kitchen inspection / Meal Preparation Demonstration
  • Household / Lifestyle Assessment
  • Telephone consultation
  • Grocery shop accompaniment

What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

Note that missing an appointment has a ripple effect. A missed appointment affects at least three people:

  1. YOU ⇒ Having missed your appointment, you missed doing your exercises or measurements as part of your prescribed program. A missed appointment without prior notice to make adjustments can affect healing time, optimal exercise timing, or may increase the likelihood of missing future appointments.
  2. Your trainer ⇒ For having spent time reviewing your file, researching relevant information, and gathering required equipment in preparation for the appointment. Depending on the nature of the appointment, your trainer may have also made transportation arrangements, or obtained property use permission (which often involves a user fee absorbed by your trainer).
  3. Other clients ⇒ Another client may have benefited from the time in which your appointment was scheduled. Other clients may have a preference to train at the time(s) for which you are scheduled. With at least 48 hours prior notice, another client may be scheduled into your time.

If there is a need to reschedule an appointment, 48 hours notice is required. Contact your trainer via telephone immediately if there is a schedule conflict. Missed appointments without notice are subject to being debited from the client’s account. Please also note that for optimal success within a program, it is the client’s responsibility to be present for all scheduled appointments. Clients who miss more than one appointment consecutively without giving notice will not be rescheduled and the program will be terminated.

Can a friend/relative join an exercise appointment?

Friends or relatives are welcome to observe a training session, and may be able to sample a small portion of the exercise. The program designed for each client is individual, and is not recommended for a third party to follow.

Group training is offered on a seasonal basis. These classes are separate from personal training program designs, and are ideal for new exercisers or as part of a maintenance regime. Courses have a specified start and end date, and are progressive in nature. For current offerings, please see the Class & Workshop Schedule, or please inquire for more detail about course types, times, fee(s) and locations.