Personal Training

Pauline Shen offers customized gentle training sessions that harmonize the body.

If you’re looking for a holistic, balanced and personal approach to help you achieve your unique health and fitness goals, consider personal training as the option for you!

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“Originally, my certification involved instructing cardio kickboxing and other high-impact cardiovascular group fitness classes. Much of my personal research and interactions with class participants had revolved around a high-energy workout approach and follow-up on general fitness questions. However, since taking a much more holistic approach to the way in which I work with my clients and fitness class participants, it became imperative to recognize that an individual’s “fitness” is simply a reflection of that person’s state of health as a whole. Without addressing emotional, psychological and spiritual health, it is impossible to see long-term results from a physical fitness program. Since then, I’ve turned my attention to daily practice using the subtle energy systems through movement methods such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga. Finding a balance is key to the training process, which is essentially a healing process to create lasting life changes.” — Pauline Shen

Fitness Classes / Group Training

Pauline Shen began her group training apprenticeship in 2004 and received her full Fitness Instructor Specialist certification in the summer of 2005. Since then, she has also completed a Bachelor of Education (2007) from Western University and has over 10 years’ experience leading groups and classes of all types ranging from children through adolescents, young adults, plus size specialty programs, and combination classes.

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Workshops & Special Interest

“Since being awakened to the holistic approach, I’ve added many tools to my repertoire. Some of these tools include techniques used in personal training or fitness classes, but others are more appropriately used as part of a progressive workshop series. Sharing with others is a crucial part of the journey to health and healing; this is how we integrate what we’ve learned and become responsible for putting it into practice. This is the true holistic approach.” — Pauline Shen

Special interest workshops include learning about the subtle energy systems and integrating methods of connecting with these subtle systems in order to improve lifestyle, health and relationships. To view the current schedule, please click here: Class & Workshop Schedule

Note that intuitive services such as dowsing and card reading and private yoga instruction are no longer offered. Please refer to the Class & Workshop Schedule for a current listing of alternatives.

Disclaimer:   The techniques taught in all workshops and training sessions are not meant to replace professionally-certified psychological or medical assessments. Results of the techniques taught are not guaranteed. Each client is responsible for his/her own choices made. Your choices and actions are your own responsibility.

Private Yoga Instruction

This service is no longer offered. Please refer to the Class & Workshop Schedule for a current listing of alternatives.